Ysgol Llanfyllin is the Powys’s second all-through school. It was established in September 2020 after Llanfyllin County Primary School and Llanfyllin High School were merged. It provides Welsh-medium and English-medium education for pupils from 4-18 years on the primary and high school sites.

The school is based on our 5 founding principles:

  • A secure and caring learning environment where the wellbeing of all is paramount
  • A forward thinking, innovative and inclusive centre for lifelong learning where we strive for excellence in everything we do
  • An all age school with an enterprising, engaging and exciting curriculum which assists all our pupils to fulfil their individual potential and develop a love for learning
  • Culture, Cynefin and Cymreictod are at the heart of the school alongside a commitment to promoting and developing the Welsh language.

And most importantly, we are a happy school with ‘Teulu’ at its heart. The ethos of ‘Teulu is one of care, nurture, stability and ambition. Our school family values and encourages collective responsibility, tolerance and an open-minded approach towards each other and our learning.