Bridging Primary and Secondary School

Moving from primary to secondary school can be for most an exciting time full of new experiences, as well as widening horizons. However, it can be for some a time for uncertainties and challenges.

We are a small and welcoming school. Our transition programme is designed to make the move from primary to secondary school as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Working in partnership with our feeder primary schools we have developed strong links, to ensure a successful transition for our pupils. Ysgol Llanfyllin also works closely with parents and families to help plan and prepare pupils for moving on.

Traditionally the transition programme involves:

  • Arranged drop in sessions with the Head of Year for parents and pupils during the Autumn Term before making their secondary school choice.
  • An Open Evening in the Autumn Term for pupils, parents and guardians to view the school and experience classroom activities.
  • Information booklets for parents and pupils on Ysgol Llanfyllin.
  • Two induction/transfer days towards the end of the Summer Term for pupils to experience taster lessons, the day to day running of the school, meet new friends and staff and familiarise with the new school.
  • Early in the Autumn Term a Year 7 welcome evening for parents to meet the form teachers and to provide an opportunity for parents to discuss the transition and provide the school with feedback.
  • Pastoral support on transition for pupils during the first half term following transition through a structured programme during the form period.
  • Close and effective links between primary schools and Ysgol Llanfyllin to provide advice and guidance.

Here is an example of a Pupil transition passport which pupils will receive on their transition days in July. 

School Transport

To apply for school transport and for transport enquiries, please follow the links below:

Powys County Council transport website: Apply for school transport – Powys County Council

Tanat Valley Coaches contact details: Contact (