Siarter Iaith (Welsh Language Charter) – Ysgol Llanfyllin

Here at Ysgol Llanfyllin, we are proud to be supporting the Welsh Government’s Welsh 2050 initiative in its aim of having one million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The Criw Cymraeg has a focus on achieving the aim of ensuring that learners:

  • confident in using their Welsh skills
  • fostering positive attitudes towards the language
  • increasing the use of the language inside and outside the school.

Bilingualism can bring many benefits:

  • Learners who understand more than one language can think more creatively and with more flexibility and tend to do better in IQ tests
  • Being bilingual has a positive effect on the brain by keeping it active later in life
  • Being bilingual can reduce the risk of dementia
  • In Wales, being able to speak Welsh fluently is a valuable extra skill which will give your child a head start when looking for work
  • Being bilingual gives access to two different cultures and two worlds of experience
  • Bilingual people find it easier to learn a third language and show more tolerance towards other cultures
  • Across Wales bilingual children tend to achieve better results – including in English

Destination bilingual: the benefits of choosing a Welsh-medium education – Powys County Council

Do you, parents/carers, want to improve your Welsh skills? Do you, parents/carers, want to improve your skills? How about signing up to one of the many online resources and courses available to you!

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